Why Coaching?

I provide life coaching and listening therapy for young people of all ages affected by inattention.

It is about you. The top priority is to understand your needs so that you can move forward with what is important to you. You set the agenda.

It is safe. With an ADHD life coach, you are in the right place-where the issues of ADHD are understood and it's safe to ask questions and for help.

It is easy. Change, even change for the better, isn’t always easy but working with a coach makes it easier. You are not quite so alone in your journey with a coach providing support and understanding.

  • ADHD is highly individual and affects every aspect of life: relationships, parenting, living environment, performance at work. Coaching, with a strengths-based approach, is particularly well suited to meeting your unique needs in these areas. 
  • Unlike therapy and mental health counselling, coaching gets to life’s day-to-day demands that the right strategies can help manage.  
  • In coaching you may also look at quality-of-life choices like diet and exercise, both vital for best possible brain function.
  • Importantly, everything done in coaching supports your developing the healthy sense of self that you fully deserve.

The coach approach ensures that the work you do is led by you, your needs, your journey, your process of discovery that is essential to learning and growing through the challenges of ADHD. I can help you address all of these areas in a manner that is highly do-able, supportive and, yes, often fun!