Understanding ADHD

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: What’s in the name and what does it mean?

Real and highly individual, ADHD is a broad term that refers to differences in the way our minds work and the way we apply focus.

  • "A" is for Attention: ADHD is an inability to regulate attention rather than, as the name suggests, a lack or Deficit of attention. With ADHD, ones focus is subject to shift based on what offers the greatest interest in the moment.
  • "H" is for Hyperactivity, which may or may not be apparent. There is also an Inattentive type.
  • "D" for Disorder or merely a Difference? ADHD can be devastating in some situations, but there are abundant cases of athletes, entrepreneurs, artists, scientists and others whom, in spite of ADHD, have had great success and accomplishments.

What is Executive Function?

Executive function is another broad term for the neurological ability to manage cognitive processes including the working memory of reasoning, task flexibility, and problem solving as well as planning, and execution. ADHD is sometime referred to as a Deficit of Executive Function.

Regardless of what it’s called, the symptoms that are currently referred to as ADHD/Executive Function Deficit affect individuals uniquely.

ADHD is often present along with other brain based differences such as dyslexia, Sensory Processing Disorder or Autism.

Children and teens with ADHD at home?

Children with ADHD are often highly intelligent and compassionate but can be difficult to manage at home. If you are struggling with a child who has ADHD, having the support of someone who understands what you, the parent, are trying to manage can make a big difference. An ADHD life coach knows that the child’s behaviour is not your fault, can help you find answers to your questions and find solutions to bring harmony into the home.

Adults with ADHD

ADHD affects every aspect of life, eroding self esteem, motivation and well-being. Untreated, it can undermine the most responsible, talented and creative person until he or she may feel overwhelmed with frustration, anxiety and depression. Untreated, wonderful relationships can be ruined, opportunities missed and years lost.

An ADHD life coach specializes solely in working with individuals with ADHD and can help you find the way out of pain and chaos. Together, you and your coach can look at exactly what your unique issues are and can usually help you see the light at the end of the tunnel within a few sessions.