Brett provides life coaching and counselling for young people of all ages affected by inattention.

Some of the challenges that can be related to ADHD…

  • Difficulty completing tasks
  • Procrastination
  • Impulsivity
  • Follow through
  • ADHD related behaviour problems
  • ADHD related depression
  • Inattention

With the right support, strategies can be developed to tame the issues that get in the way of your success.

What we offer

  • ADHD Life Coaching for children:
    Coaching designed for children ages 8-18 helping to help them develop strategies for dealing with academic and social challenges as well as difficulties at home.
  • ADHD Life Coaching for adults and students:
    This is an in an easy, supportive means for tertiary level students and adults to tackle the issues that are getting in the way of moving forward.
  • Consulting with parents:
    ADHD Life Coaching for parents and care-givers provides an opportunity to develop strategies for creating harmony at home that are specific to your family’s needs.

Contact Brett Harrington, Life Coach and specialist on ADHD


"Working with Brett was very helpful. Her advice and strategies have been able to assist me in developing a routine (something I've never had) and rediscover the enjoyment I get from my work. Brett is supportive and encouraging but most importantly, I found it invaluable to be able to discuss the issues with someone who really understands."
-- Nathan, Auckland, NZ

"I really appreciated the effort and time you gave me when you were helping me….It's amazing looking back comparing now and then, and how much difference it made on me to push myself forwards."
-- George, Wellington, NZ

"Brett has been a lifeline for me. She has put a positive constructive face to Women with ADD. She has gone way beyond the call of duty in so many different ways."
-- Christine, Auckland, NZ

"Before I started working with Brett I was in denial about how much my ADHD was affecting me… I was trying to ignore my ADHD and denying it to myself. That was not working. Brett has helped me to start to accept my ADHD and I am learning to use it instead of getting frustrated trying to avoid it. Thank you for your help Brett!"
-- Arabella, Uni Student, Auckland, NZ