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3 Thirds Project Completion Technique

When tackling a household project, do you end up barely putting a dent in it, getting distracted or become overwhelmed with little to show for your effort? I do!

Try this simple three part technique for de-cluttering or other household chores and you will make progress you can be proud of. It works!

  • Let’s say you have 3 hours free and clear of distraction. Use the first hour of your time to collect what you need to do the job: boxes, trash bags, bins, cleaners, or tools like pens for labelling or rag for dusting. Is it an outdoor project? Get the tools you will need ready. Position your tools for easy access but not in your way.
  • Use the next third of the time to get as much of the job done as you can. If you have chosen a task that fits the 1/3 of the total amount of time you have, you will get the job done!
  • When the second third of your time is up—stop—and start finishing the job. Close boxes, store bins, take out the trash, or take away the compost and put tools back where they belong--get ALL THE WAY done with the job including put away.

Then stand back and enjoy the job completed—however large or small. If the entire house needs attention, it will not happen all in a day, but if you can get to one corner, on file cabinet, one closet or one flower bed, you can build on that accomplishment!