About Me

Hi, I’m Brett. My passion is working with people who are struggling with ADHD related life issues be it in school, university, employment, business or in a relationship. I’ve seen coaching work countless times. Put a person who is determined to meet their potential with a trained, experienced coach like me and amazing things can happen!

Brett Harrington, Life Coach, ADHD Sorted

Years ago, when my adult ADHD was first identified, I could find nothing that clearly pointed the way to the solutions that would make a difference in my daily life.

I felt lost, spending hours searching the internet for clues. At that time, the professionals I came in contact with didn’t have the answers to my most urgent questions...Ok, so I’ve got ADHD...What do I do now, for myself, for my family? How can I make myself better, get stuff done?

It would have meant a lot to have had someone to turn to who really knew ADHD and could coach and support me while I learned how to help myself.

Today, after many years of experience of living and working with ADHD, I’m ready, trained and able to be that person for you.

As it turned out, what would help me most was fairly simple: talking someone who truly gets ADHD with insight into how ADHD affected me personally, and a partner in a process of discovery of the solutions and strategies to overcome ADHD.

I’ve made finding happiness and success in spite of ADHD my life’s work and would love to share what I’ve learned with you!

My Formal Training

I am a certified Life Coach, AAC, trained at the ADHD Coach Academy in New York. I’ve also trained with JST Coaching School, specializing in coaching children 8-12 years old.

I abide by the ethical guidelines and professional standards of the International Coaching Federation and the Professional Association of ADHD Coaches.

My Philosophy

When we try to function in a way we’ve been told that we “should”, we often meet with frustration and failure. We are bound to be more successful when we live and work in harmony with our true nature and talents.

Nature intends for our communities to include all kinds of ways of thinking and working. This neurodiversity is essential for humanity to grow and to thrive. Those of us who think differently have a special part to play. We make this contribution when we become ready to accept ourselves as we are, pursue our passions and share our talents.

Getting to know and accept ourselves is the key to accomplishing what we set out to do.